Long-Term All-Inclusive Accommodations

Ideal for active retirees, cottagers looking for a winter home!

WELCOME to the Nordic Inn, an ideal facility for people seeking a getaway with a country setting but with a modern comfort. Imagine:WinterCouple5x4
  • No Cable, Phone Or Utility Bills
  • No Maintenance
  • No Grocery Shopping
  • Individual meal plans for all health challenges
  • No Fancy Retirement Residence Prices
All inclusive, fully furnished accommodations including:
  • Delicious Three Meals a day
  • Weekly Housekeeping (we can do laundry for you!)
  • Phone, Cable and WiFi
  • Great Lounge & Bar
Introductory Prices Starting At $2,350 /month per person or $3,950/ month per couple To find out more call: 705-766-2343