Health Retreat

Boost your health with a dream vacation at the Nordic Inn! Need a fresh start? Want to look and feel younger? Balance your life taking simple steps to achieve health, wellness, and balance.

Welcome to the results-oriented, intensive health and wellness program of its kind. We are on a mission to make the world a happier healthier place! That’s all starts with what we eat. Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, get glowing skin, increase your mental clarity, alleviate anxiety, reverse the signs of aging, get rid of that bloated feeling, or lower the risk of degenerative disease, this is where it all begins. We’ll help you integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle and feel alive!


Take at least a week to recalibrate through intensive outdoor physical activity, and a highly structured nutritional diet. Our weight loss program utilizes the best techniques and latest research to maximize your results.

The Nordic Inn is your ultimate weight loss retreat. Regardless of your health and fitness levels, we will assist you in accomplishing your weight loss goals:

  1. Turn your body into a natural fat burning machineHR5x4
  2. Learn the science of losing weight for the rest of our life
  3. Improve your health and increase your energy

What included in weight loss and cleansing program

  • Accommodation
  • Individual nutritional consulting
  • Personalized meal plan
  • Raw food introduction – we begin and end the cleanse with raw food
  • 3-day juice fast – chlorophyll drinks, freshly squeezed juice, vegetable protein drinks
  • Skin cleansing – mud baths
  • Massage therapy (optional)

Cleansing: Your Key to Radiant Health

In much the same way you need a holiday from work, your body needs a break from time to time, especially when you are feeling tired, sick, heavy or just plain run down.

According to many healing experts detoxification through special cleansing programs may be the missing link to disease prevention. Even if your diet is good, a body cleanse can restore your vitality against environmental toxins that pave the way for disease bearing bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Do You Need a Cleanse?

Here is a little checklist for you to see if you’re in need for cleansing:

  1. Do you feel bloated, constipated and congested?
  2. Have you gained unwanted pounds even though you are not eating more food and are exercising regularly?
  3. Do you feel tired and low in energy? (signs of an acidic diet)
  4. Has your digestion worsened? (a sign your body isn’t using its nutrients well)
  5. Is your hair and skin looking unhealthier than normal?
  6. Do you frequently get mouth sores, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, allergies?
  7. Do you feel foggy and out of sorts?

If you have ticked yes to two or more of the above then cleansing might be just what your body needs to retain balance.

2The 3 Day Detox

Although 7 – 10 days allows the most time for your body to really begin the detoxification process properly we’ve found that most people can manage only 3 days in todays busy lifestyle. If you can do 7 days then great, if you can do 10 days even better, if you can only do 1 day than that is better than none however we recommend that if you at least commit to 3 days then you will begin to see the real value in detoxification.

So what are the benefits?

  • Elimination of stored wastes; for some this may result in weight loss
  • Improved vitality and energy levels right away
  • Improved circulation through purifying the liver, kidney and blood
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • You’ll turn around bad eating habits and your stomach will have the chance to reduce to normal size for weight control

Our program is not too extreme and does not leave you starving. This 3 day cleanse is a great way to assist the transition from an unhealthy diet to a healthy one. The cleanse uses brown rice as a nutrient building food, and organic vegetables and vegetable juices as concentrated cleansers. Sea greens boost weight loss and deter cellulite build up and help to balance thyroid function, which helps in metabolizing fat. Vegetable juices help to deliver concentrated enzymes and nutrients directly to the cells of the body which assist in the detoxification process.

3-day package (2 nights, 3 days): $495.00

6-day package (5 nights, 6 days): $1005.00